Managing Your Autoinflammatory Disease: Lifestyle and Wellness Workshop

Autoinflammatory diseases are rare groups of illnesses characterized by recurrent fevers and signs of inflammation.

While every autoinflammatory disease is different, they share many features about how they affect the health and well-being of patients and their families, and how stress and other triggers may cause disease flares.

This workshop explores how lifestyle and wellness practices can help in managing autoinflammatory diseases. We hope to empower patients and their families and provide them with tools to help them better manage their condition.

The workshop was sponsored by the Autoinflammatory Diseases Clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital and by a generous donation from a patient’s family.   It took place at Boston Children’s Hospital, Waltham, on April 28, 2018.

Below you will find selected videos from the workshop.  By clicking on the title, you’ll also be able to read the transcript of the video.

Opening Remarks

Introduction to the Workshop: Dr. Fatma Dedeoglu

 A brief history of autoinflammatory diseases: Dr. Jonathan S. Hausmann

Expert Presentations

Mindfulness Meditation in autoinflammatory diseases: Dr. Ezra Cohen

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in autoinflammatory diseases: Dr. Carolyn Snell

Kara: A family’s journey with autoinflammatory diseases

Expert Panel Discussion

Experts answer audience questions about autoinflammatory diseases