Autoinflammatory Diseases Workshop

We are holding our first (annual?) Managing Your Autoinflammatory Disease: Lifestyle and Wellness Workshop on Saturday, April 28 in Waltham, MA. The workshop is open to children and adults, and it is free to attend!

The purpose of the workshop is to explore various methods to manage your autoinflammatory disease. While every autoinflammatory disease is different, they share many commonalities about how they affect the health and well-being of patients and their families.  As such, this workshop will address the psychosocial aspects of managing autoinflammatory diseases, especially in empowering patients and families to better manage their condition.

We will have discussions with Rheumatologists, psychologists, parents, patients, reiki masters, art therapists, physical therapists, and yoga practitioners about using various techniques that may improve wellness, even in the setting of autoinflammatory disease. We will also hold roundtable discussions with patients and their families to share tips, wisdom, and life advice.

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Autoinflammatory Diseases Workshop Schedule

9:30am– Registration Opens

10am– Opening Remarks
Fatma Dedeoglu, MD
 Jonathan Hausmann, MD

10:15-11:00am– Expert Q&A Panel
Facilitated by Nikki Tennermann, LICSW

  • Dr. Ezra Cohen, Rheumatologist, Boston Medical Center/Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Carolyn Snell, PhD, Pediatric Psychologist, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Kara, Parent of a child with an autoinflammatory disease

11:00am-12:00pm– Psychosocial Disease Management Presentations
Facilitated by Elyse McCue, MSW

  • Grace Harrington Murdoch, Reiki Master Teacher
  • Jen Kray, ATR, LMHC, Art Therapist
  • Sara Collins, L/ATC, CPT, Athletic Trainer/Injury Prevention Specialist
  • Caitlin Broughton, Yoga Practitioner

12:00-1:00pm– Lunch
Mingle with other families! Stop by the research table and meet research specialist Ed Anderson!

1:00-1:45pm– Roundtable Discussions
Small group facilitated discussions about topics related to lifestyle and wellness for youth with autoinflammatory conditions

1:45-2:00pm– Closing Remarks

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