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The Dishwasher Dilemma

With our old dishwasher, we never knew whether the dishes in the washer had been cleaned. Before putting the dishes in the washer, we had to scrub them well, otherwise, they’d come out almost as dirty as they had been when we put them in. At the same time, the dishwasher would do such a poor job washing the dishes that, even after a cycle, they were never really clean (just ask a few of our guests who often left their glasses of water—or wine!—untouched). So, with the dishwasher full, we never knew whether we should turn it on to clean the dishes or place the dishes in our cupboard. Continue reading The Dishwasher Dilemma

This is what it’s like to be a physician

Let me tell you about a recent morning working in my outpatient rheumatology clinic. I’ll tell you less about the medicine, but more about my process of practicing medicine. I hope to shed light on what it’s like to be a physician, behind-the-scenes. As you’ll see, practicing medicine is time-consuming; it takes much more than the time spent with the patient in the clinic or at the bedside. Or at least it does if you really want to take care of your patient. Continue reading This is what it’s like to be a physician

To misdiagnose is human

Patient details have been changed to protect patient privacy.

A previously-healthy man sees his primary care physician and complains of fatigue.  Laboratory studies show abnormalities which concern his physician for the presence of cancer.  Imaging reveals enlarged lymph nodes, and he is admitted to the hospital to determine his type of cancer and begin treatment.  Several biopsies later, no malignancy is found, although his medical team remains suspicious. Continue reading To misdiagnose is human

Why we go bald: an evolutionary hypothesis

As a Senior in college, I took a class on evolutionary medicine with Professor Paul Ewald.  For my final project, I decided to explore male pattern baldness from an evolutionary perspective.  This topic, to my knowledge, had never been previously addressed.  I’ve included my entire (lengthy) paper below. Continue reading Why we go bald: an evolutionary hypothesis

How to floss (a hacker’s guide to completing unpleasant tasks)

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who floss their teeth every day, and those who wish they did.  For most of my life, I was a member of the latter group.  I never flossed–it took too long, was unpleasant, and I didn’t feel I received any benefits from the process.  I ignored my dentist’s  recommendations to floss, and the free dental floss I received after each visit settled, unopened, at the back of my bathroom drawer.  My wife–an obsessive flosser–eventually tired of reminding me to floss every night. Continue reading How to floss (a hacker’s guide to completing unpleasant tasks)