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  1. I’m hoping you can recommend a physician who is well-versed in autoinflammatory diseases on the mid-east coast of the US. Specifically, CRMO and SAPHO and related diseases, and their treatment.

  2. Are there any physicians in Southern California who can diagnose and treat adults with Autoinflammatory Disease?
    I have only been able to find a Pediatrician who will not see adults. My symptoms are extremely severe now and I desperately need to find someone who can help!

  3. Thank you very much. I have been to the UCLA FMF Clinic, where FMF was ruled out and nothing else could be done for me. My symptoms have become very severe and traveling to seek treatment is very difficult. The specialists I have found here are pediatrics only. I will keep searching. Thank you again.

    1. The Autoinflammatory Alliance has an excellent spreadsheet matching symptoms to each Autoinflammatory disease. It can help in researching diagnoses.

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