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Cognitive behavioral therapy for autoinflammatory diseases

Dr. Carolyn Snell, a psychologist from Boston Children’s Hospital, discusses the benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy for autoinflammatory diseases. 

This talk was presented as part of the “Managing your Autoinflammatory Disease: Lifestyle and Wellness Workshop,” which took place on April 28, 2018, at Boston Children’s Hospital in Waltham, MA. 

Watch the video or read the transcript below. Stay tuned for more presentations from this autoinflammatory disease workshop over the next few days! 

The transcript has been edited for clarity.

Dr. Carolyn Snell:

Hi, I’m Carolyn Snell. I’m one of the psychologists in the Medical Coping Clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital. We are a group of four psychologists and a number of trainees who work within Psychiatry with patients who have different types of medical conditions. We get a lot of referrals from Rheumatology, certainly, but from also departments across the hospital. We see people with a wide range of conditions, and helping people manage and cope with their medical conditions is one of the major things we do.

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