Video: How to leverage social media to become a better physician

As part of my Rabkin Medical Education fellowship, I created this presentation to practice my lecturing skills.  This is the introduction of a presentation where I discuss how social media has made me a better physician.  To learn more about using social media, read my article “A doctor’s prescription for social media.” 

If you are a physician and are interested in filling out the online survey that I discuss in my presentation, please click here.

Let me know what you think of the presentation, and how I can improve my lecturing skills.  Also, would love to hear your thoughts about how social media has changed your practice, if at all!

Leave your comments below.

“Get Dirty” at the ACR Annual Meeting

This post is based on my presentation for the Fellows-In-Training Educational Session.

With hundreds of scientific sessions covering virtually every topic in rheumatology, you might think that these sessions are the most important part of attending the ACR Annual Meeting. You would be wrong. Most sessions are available online for you to watch at home, at your own pace, in your pajamas. Continue reading “Get Dirty” at the ACR Annual Meeting

Boston: a few of my favorite things

For the next five days,14,000 rheumatologists will be visiting Boston for the Annual Meeting of the American College of Rheumatology. With talks scheduled from 7am to 6pm, you may have little time to visit the city. Should you find yourself with free time, here are five quintessential Boston experiences you should not miss: Continue reading Boston: a few of my favorite things

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